Helicopter ride

The ride was awesome! Whet else can I say! You could see the whole city center from above, all the sights you know and you go to.

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Beaches in Denmark : Jægerspris Bugt

As in the weekend the weather was, let’s be brave and say it out loud, awesome, I decided to go to the beach.
To our surprise when we arrived at the location we found out that the water was suuuuuper warm, ankle height and extra clear!

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About me

My name is Marta. I am a tech girl that loves traveling, taking pictures, and dressing up. I am Polish by blood and spent my childhood there. I went for Erasmus to Denmark, and somehow it turned out to be way longer than I estimated : ) I have spent the last 11 years in Denmark, which became my second home. I hope you will enjoy my posts!

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