Spøttrup Middelalderborg – Denmark’s best-preserved medieval castle

Spøttrup Middelalderborg is Denmark’s best-preserved medieval castle. It was built in the 1520s and it was quite remarkable for its time as it had thick walls and two moats with a 9m tall protective rampart for the defense. It was built by the bishops of Viborg as a “guard” against Protestantism.

The castle is really nice inside and there were some actors wandering around. So go inside and poke your head around. The Castle Museum offers insight into the life of the people who lived, fought, and worked at the castle throughout the ages.

There are a lot of activities happening around the castle, so before going check out this website. Every year in week 30 you can experience Bispens Market, with different exciting shows, medieval food, and weapons. On Friday and Saturday during Bispens Market you can also experience the National tournament in medieval martial arts, where fighters in full armor compete. There are also different concerts and other cultural events happening throughout the summer months.



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