Roadtrip in Denmark: Mønsted Kalkgruber

Mønsted Kalkgruber (Limestone Mine) is the  largest limestone mine in the world. There are around 60km of tunnels, out of which 2 km are illuminated. However, you are allowed to wander wherever you want, so bring a torch if you want to check out dark corridors!

It is also the largest hibernation place for bats, but unfortunately I was not able to spot any ;(

4 things to do while in the mine:

1. Take a train to the mine

You can walk to the entrance in 10-15 minutes but taking a train is way more fun. It costs only 20kr both ways. Remember that trains only operate from mid of May to mid of August as the noise might disturb hibernating bats.

2. Watch a multimedia show

The show tells a story about limestone mining, which is quite interesting. However, it’s the sound and the video projections that make the whole presentation worth seeing.

3. Check out cheese production site

In the caves Arla is producing Riberhus grubeoste which stays there for around 3 weeks to mature. The climate in the caves is perfect, as it is constantly 8C with 98% humidity. You can buy the cheese in  the ticket office.

4.Walk through the corridors

There are a lot of paths you can venture to, both illuminated and not. So take your time and wander around! It is definitely worth it!

Remember to:

  • bring a torch – so you are able to go to into dark corridors.
  • sweater – as there is 8 C all the time, so it is quite chilly.

If you need more information check the mine official site.

The mine is located here:

Come back tomorrow to read about Spøttrup Middelalderborg!

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