Højriis Slot – castle full of mysteries

Højriis Castle

Højriis Slot is a manor house dating back to the 14th century. Knight Johan Skarpenberg, who was the first known owner, was one of Queen Margrethe I’s most important advisers. He was a powerful man who, in addition to Højriis, owned many large farms, including Spøttrup in Salling.

Out of all manors and castles that I was at, this one was the most interesting one so far due to the interactive mystery game you could try solving on its premises.

When we entered the manor grounds we were transported to the year 1929 and had to solve a murder mystery. There were actors walking around, talking with us and giving hints. It made the whole experience really fun. All rooms in the castle were decorated and looked just amazing!

After visiting the castle make sure to go and see the garden. There is 130 years old weeping beech, which is probably the biggest one in Denmark.


Check out also the toxicant garden, which has been created on castle grounds since the 1600s. Most plants are not harmful but there are a few that might cause poisoning, so beware not to touch or eat them. It is hard not to notice those huge skulls reminding you not to do that 🙂


For more information check out the manor website

And this is where you can find the castle:

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