Roadtrip in Denmark: Højriis Slot

Højriis Slot is a manor house dating back to 15th century. Out of all manors and castles that I was at, this one was the most entertaining so far.

When you enter the manor grounds you are transported to year 1929 and you have to solve a murder mystery. There are actors walking around that interact with you. It made the whole experience really fun. Also because of the role-playing setting, the whole castle is decorated and all the rooms have different feeling.

After visiting the castle make sure to go and see to the garden. There is 130 years old weeping beech, that is probably the biggest one in Denmark.


Check out also the toxicant garden, that has been created on castle grounds since 1600’s. Most plants are not harmful but there are few that might cause poisoning, so beware not to touch or eat them. Anyway there are huge skulls around to remind you not to do that 🙂


For more information check out the manor website

And this is where you can find the castle:

Come back tomorrow to read about Fur!

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