Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

I am a massive fan of Escapes rooms, and over the years, I visited many. After our utter epic failure of solving our first room, my brother and I got hooked on the concept, and since then, we have tried at least one or more in each new place we visit. Along the way, we spread our Escape Room’s love to our partners, who became part of our crew. Nowadays, I solve the rooms in a team of two;  my partner and I. However, each time we meet up with my brother, the group grows to four, sometimes expanding by the addition of my parents. The themes of rooms range from thrillers to fantasy; we are not picky 🙂 As long as the room has interesting riddles, we’re all for it.

Some countries, Poland included, have an excellent website for finding out different escape rooms called LockMe. When we visit a new place, we look for the best ranking room in the city and go for it. In other places, we just pick randomly and hope for the best 🙂

I decided to include the Escape Room review section here, as I keep forgetting which rooms I was in, and whenever someone asks me for recommendations, it takes me forever to find the info in the pile of mails.

I promise there will be no spoilers! Only a short description, links to the room, and details of when we went there (the rooms keep changing, so the one from 2016 might not be the same as the one from 2022). I will try to rank them according to how much I liked them, but as we know, tastes are different, so who knows what you like. I must admit I am a massive fan of a new generation of Escape Rooms, where usual locks have been substituted with electronics. Not that I mind locks, keys, and numbers, but moving potions, pressing hidden buttons, and so on is just a lot of fun 🙂