Roadtrip in Denmark: Himmelbjerget

Himmelbjerget  or Sky Mountain in English is in contrary to what the name might suggest just a hill 🙂 For a long time it was believed that it was the highest hill (147m) in Denmark, but apparently there is another one -Møllehøj (170m) that is  higher. Not that this makes a lot of difference.

But because it has such a magnificent name I had to go and take selfie on top, you know, because of all this hard and long walk  😉

The “mountain” and surrounding area is really nice and well worth spending afternoon at. You can either drive to almost the top, where a parking place is located or take a ferry from Ry and Silkeborg.

For more information about hiking routes and transportation go tho the official website.



It is located here:

Come back tomorrow to read about Mønsted Kalkgruber!

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