Himmelbjerget – mountain of the Gods

Himmelbjerget or Sky Mountain in English is contrary to what the name might suggest just a hill 🙂 For a long time, it was believed that Himmelbjerget was the highest point in Denmark (147m), but there is another one -Møllehøj (170m) that is a little bit higher -not that this makes a lot of difference 🙂 Interestingly, in Old Norse Mythology, Himmelbjerget is the place beside the rainbow, Bifrost, where Heimdal, the guardian of the Gods lived. Bifrost connected Asgård of the Gods to Midtgård of the people.

This famous danish “mountain” offers a fantastic view of Søhøjlandet. There is even a tower on top – just so you won’t miss it by accident ^ ^. Himmelbjerget and the surrounding area are really lovely and well worth spending the afternoon at. You can either drive to almost the top, where a parking place is located or take a boat trip with Hjejlen, one of the oldest wheel steamers in the world, from Ry and Silkeborg.

For more information about hiking routes and transportation go to the official website.

Close by, in Silkeborg, one of the famous trolls is hiding in the forest. Remember to check it out 🙂 (More details here).



It is located here:

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