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Europe is a great place to travel; it’s tourist-friendly, it is relatively safe to travel, and it offers a wide variety of location choices that would fit everyone’s tastes.

Do you like hiking and sleeping in the wild in a tent? Head to Norway and enjoy astonishing views, watch aurora lights, or expirience never-ending days.  Are you more into skiing and other winter sports? Switzerland and Austria are waiting for you. Maybe you like the sun, sunbathing and water sports? What about different beaches in Spain or Croatia? Want to see a real volcano? Island is waiting with one that is erupting right now. Are you a fan of ancient history? Head to Italy or Greece and be astonished by ancient wonders. Want to know about World War II? Poland is a great place to start.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Europe has plenty to offer, and each country and region is unique in its own way.