Roadtrip in Denmark: Fur 3

Fur is a small island in the Limfjord. It is really nice place and I guess that is why, it is a candidate for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is easy to get to, as there is 24/7 ferry service and the whole trip take whole 4 minutes!! You won’t be able to notice the ferry started and you are already there!

3 things to do while on Fur:

1. See the cliffs 

Large, fossil-rich diatomite cliffs on the north of the island that were formed 55 million years ago are a perfect place for a stroll and if you are lucky you might be able to find some fossils lying around.

2. Visit Fur brewery

After the stroll on the cliffs head to the brewery for delicious glass of local beer. The brewery is quite well-known and it is a must be!

3. Find all colorful fish

Every year after Muslingedagen (Mussel Day) colored fish are spread across the island. During the summer more and more are added until autumn, when they are hidden away. Can you find them all?

Grab a bike and follow some of bicycle routes and try to get as many as possible. It is a lot of fun and every single one of them is unique and amazing.

Come back tomorrow to read about Hirtshals!

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