Fur – Denmark’s most wonderful island

Fur is a small island in Limfjord sometimes also called Denmark’s most wonderful island. It might not be as well known as Læsø, Samsø, or Ærø but that doesn’t change a fact that the landscape is breathtaking and it is definitely worth the visit! Because of its awe-inspiring nature Fur is candidating for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Fur is renowned for its deposits of diatomite layered with volcanic ash, known in Danish as moler (mo-clay) which is used for cat litter.

It is easy to get to, as there is a 24/7 ferry service and the whole trip to the island takes whole 4 minutes!! You won’t be able to notice the ferry started and you are already there.

Map of the interesting sites on Fur can be found on naturstyrelsen.dk

See the cliffs

One of the main attraction of the island are the large, fossil-rich diatomite cliffs on the north of the island formed 55 million years ago. North-west cliffs are a perfect place for a stroll and if you are lucky you might be able to find some fossils lying around. Follow the trail from the car park at Knudevejen to the cliff called Lille Knudshoved (Little Knud’s head). Lying a little bit further along the coast is Store Knudshoved (Big Knud’s head).

Visit Fur brewery

After the stroll along the cliffs, head to a nearby Brewhouse – Fur Bryghus for a delicious glass of local beer. The brewery is quite well-known and it is a must-be!

Find all colorful fish

Every year after Muslingedagen (Mussel Day) colored fish are spread across the island. Throughout the summer more and more are added until autumn, when they are hidden away only for new ones to be showcased again next year. Can you find all of them?


Cycle around

Fur is made for cyclists. There are three bike routes spreading over the whole island. The blue one follows the coastline, the green will take you to the top of Fur, and the red route will lead you to the shops, galleries, and exhibitions.

Fossil hunting

Stendalgraven is Fur’s largest raw material quarry and it’s the best place to go fossil hunting. You’ll need a hammer to split the rocks open so you either have to bring one or join a fossil hunt tour. But the quarry is not the only place where you might stumble on some fossils, just take a walk by the cliffs and you might get lucky there too 🙂


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