Rømø – widest beach in Europe

Rømø is an interesting island in the Wadden Sea area where you can find the widest beach in Europe. It is 10 km long and up to 2 km wide, with the narrowest point still being around 700 m. Most of the sand on the beach lies above the tide mark, and with it being hard and pretty solid, it is possible to drive the car almost all the way to the sea! Rømø is also known for Northern Europe’s largest international kite festival, where thousands of kites in all sizes and colors rise into the air each year at the beginning of September.

The first time we visited, it was by pure accident. We were in the area and just followed the road that led us to Sønderstrand beach. In the beginning, I wanted to leave the car at the entrance to the beach but I’ve noticed everyone was driving to the beach, so I followed. We ended up driving more than 2 km into the beach before we stopped and from there we still had to walk for another 15 minutes before we finally reached the water.

To add on top of the excitement coming from the drive on the sand, I went crazy over the number of shells I have noticed lying around! I felt like I was a little girl again 🙂


As usual on the beach, you can sunbathe, swim, and chill. But if by any chance you get bored with that check out other activities like Blokarts, Kitewings, Traction kites, Kite Buggies, or Kiteboards. Because the beach is so wide it offers enough space for everyone to have fun!



There are other activities I haven’t tried (yet) that seem interesting. You can explore the island in a multitude of ways, not only by car – like a lazy me 🙂 There is a couple of hiking, horseback riding, and cycling routes around the island that lead you to interesting areas.

One of those areas are bunkers spread around the island. You can either get a guided tour and learn more about Rømø’s military significance during the Second World War or you can try to explore on your own.

As we are still in the area of the Wadden Sea, you can also go on 4 hours seal safari boat trip (check this link) to spot seal chilling in the warm sand. And if you want to know more about sea life and nature check out Tønnisgård Naturcenter that organizes a 2,5-hour guided tour in the area. They organise also a lot of other activities, for more check their website.

For more ideas on what to do on Rømø, check out the Naturstyrelsen (Ministry of Environment) website.

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