Roadtrip in Denmark: Rømø

Rømø is an island where you can find widest beach in Europe.

I ended up there just by accident and it was the best random decision I have made! I had couple hours and decided just to check the place out.


At the beginning I wanted to leave the car at the entrance to the beach but I’ve noticed everyone was driving to the beach, so I followed. And that was a brilliant idea, as we were driving more than 2 km before we stopped and from there we had to walk for another 15 minutes before we finally reached the water.

Not only its super wide, but I have never seen so many shells in my life!I felt like I was a little girl again 🙂

And if you are bored by just sitting and sunbathing, you might want to check out Blokarts, Kitewings, Traction kites, Kite Buggies or Kite boards. So in one word, there is plenty to do for everyone!


Come back tomorrow to read about Himmelbjerget!

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