Højriis Castle

Højriis Slot – castle full of mysteries

Højriis Slot is a manor house dating back to 15th century. Out of all manors and castles that I was at, this one was the most entertaining so far.

When you enter the manor grounds you are transported to year 1929 and you have to solve a murder mystery.

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Tidal island of Mandø

Mandø is an island close to Ribe. What makes this island amazing, is that you have to plan a trip there according to the tides. Twice a day it is not possible to get there due to a road being underwater!

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Roadtrip in Denmark – visiting top sights in Jutland

This year I decided its time to discover Denmark during summer. Why I didn’t do it during 5 years I am here? “Because what can be interesting in Denmark , huh ?” thinking 😉 And belive me, all my danish friends thought I am crazy to spend my holidays driving through Jutland.

They were so wrong!

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