AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark

AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark

We decided to go to Silkeborg to hunt trolls in Jutland. And somehow the weekend full of trolls ended up being totally not about trolls 😀

The first unplanned and unexpected place we visited to recommend 110% is “AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark“. It is Northern Europe’s only freshwater aquarium, and it’s so worth visiting.

We found out about it by accident. We were sleeping in a hotel next to the AQUA and got free tickets. So we figured it would be a waste not to go 🙂

From outside, the building looks small and insignificant. We thought it would take half an hour, and we would be done. We were so mistaken; it took us 3-4 hours!


The moment you step in, you will be surprised! Once inside the building, you will see lakes, rivers, and other water sources through windows with fishes swimming all around. The aquarium focuses on the fish from Danish waters. All fish live in natural lakes and not in aquariums. So the conditions you find in the lakes are the same as out in nature. Have you ever touched a fish? There was a tank where you could try it 🙂 It feels so weird; they were so fluffy! 


But that’s not the only thing! There were also some frogs and snakes you could find in Denmark and some interactive games. So change into a bird fishing for a fish or a fish having to swim up the stream 🙂 


After we were done visiting inside, we found out that there is a beautiful park full of Danish birds, mammals, and plants. We had so much fun there 🙂 Have you wondered how badger’s cave or the otters’ nests looks? Wait no more 🙂

Additionally, there is a playground area focusing on water management systems called “The Power of Water”. Kids and adults can play with the floodgates and pumps. I had fun down the stream with some floodgates and didn’t notice a kid who started a water pump. Suddenly I turned around and saw this massive wave of water coming over because other watergates were closed. This is where I learned how vital the water management system is:P

Other services

We have also read on the pamphlet that you can rent a guide and a canoe and head to a nearby lake. The guide will explain what animals you see and what they are.

There is also the possibility of hiring a guide to go for a fishing trip with you and help with your fishing.

But I think the best one is the possibility to feed the otters yourself!! There is only one ticket like that a day, so if you want to try something different, go for it! (Unfortunately, it is closed right now due to Corona)


Sometimes it is easy to forget that danish nature is also exciting and beautiful! AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark reminds you of that! So if you ever visit Silkeborg, make sure to check this one out!


To know more about arrangements and prices, check out their website: visitaqua.dk

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