Roadtrip in Denmark: Mandø

Mandø is an island close to Ribe. What makes this island amazing, is that you have to plan a trip there according to the tides. Twice a day it is not possible to get there due to a road being underwater!

You can get there either with your car (be carefull to check tides!) or take a tractor bus.

There are a couple of companies offering the ride:

We took a bus and it was great choice. The road to the island is unpaved and quite narrow, surprisingly there is quite a traffic. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about tides and you can enjoy the views from heights.

Now that we know how to get there, the question is what to do there.

4 things you have to do on Mandø:

1. Take stroll around the island

The island is a beautiful place, where you could spend a nice afternoon walking or biking. There are couple sights that you might want to see:

  • Mandø Church – a four-nave building made from large medieval bricks,  dated to 1639
  • Mandø Mill – a Dutch windmill from 1832
  • Mandø Kro – small inn  built before 1900

For more information about the island go to this link.

2.Take part in the seal safari

South west of the island there is a huge sandbank – Koresand, where seals usually rest in the sand. Take a tractor, for a what seemed like a long ride, to get a chance to see the seals.

The whole ride is really fun and when you realise the water level is usually 2 m higher it is just amazing. The road is marked with the tree branches making it easier to navigate.

When you get to the place, tractor stops and you are allowed to get closer to the seals. However you will be stopped 70m before them and you are not allowed to get closer in order not to spook and stress them.

They have pups around April, so it’s best to visit around July-August when pups are a little bit bigger. Big seals run away fast when there is a lot of noise but little ones are curious creatures and they swim nearby.

Our group was really lucky and as we were told, there were around 3000 seals on the shore! It was soo cool!!

 Remember to take binoculars, as the tractor will stop a little bit far seals.

For more information check this link

3. Try oyster safari

We haven’t tried that, but if you are a big fan of oysters you should totally give it a shot! You will get a chance to find your own oysters, eat them and maybe if you get lucky you can find a pearl in it!

For more info check out this link

4. Walk into the Wadden Sea during low tide

Check out the bottom of the sea, all the shells and other sea animals. Take a stroll through the mud and wander around.

Be cautious of the tide thought!


Come back tomorrow to read about Rømø!

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