Legoland Billund

Legoland Billund

Legoland Billund

It is the original Legoland that is located in Billund, Denmark. It has been opened in 1968 next to original Lego factory. The best part is that it is located next to the airport – Billund Airport that has many cheap airlines!

Basically, it is an amusement park full of Lego miniatures that is every kid’s dream. And it is not only for kids! Do you remember all those times you wished you had this or that Lego set? Now you can see what you could have built with it 😀 Except big Lego display, and I really mean BIG, there are also multiple rides all around the place. Unfortunately, there is only 2 rollercoasters and the rest of the rides are quite mild, but again we don’t go there for the rides 🙂 There were also some cool water slides and ships that you can have water battle on! And penguins! Real life penguins, admit who doesn’t love them!

One thing that you have to visit, is a tower that will give you a total overview of the whole park. Except that, just go around and enjoy your dream!

It is really nice place to come with small kids as the park is perfect for them, but as a “grown-up” kid I had plenty of fun too! It is definitely a place for everyone who grew up with the love for those small bricks. And if you suddenly realise that you actually need some Lego set or some spare part, you can buy it there! Or get it for your kid and then vigorously help him assemble it 🙂

For more info about prices and opening times go on to the official website.

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