Roadtrip in Denmark: Grenen

I think Grenen is the most well know place in Denmark. You might know of it from its other name: the top of Denmark. Many consider it as the northmost land area of Denmark. Unfortunately it is not;(  True northmost point is located 2,5km northwest of Grenen.

However, it is also a place where you can stand in the two seas at the same time! Namely, the Skagerrak (North Sea) and the Kattegat (Baltic Sea). There are different colours of the water and you can clearly see the difference (not sure if you can see it on the picture but belive me or not, you could really see it!).


Beware, there are many people with the same idea as you! So be prepared to wait for a while until it is your turn to take a picture at the top of Denmark 😉


To get there, you can either walk (it is not really a long walk) or take Sandormen, which is a tractor that drives you almost to the tip. I really wanted to enjoy the walk on the beach but some of my friends really enjoyed the ride.


And now to the BEST part of my visit!

While I was taking photos, we have noticed a small seal pup swimming nearby. Of course, the focus of all people moved to it right away.

Imagine our surprise, when the pup decided to take a break right where the whole crowd was standing to take  pictures in the seas!

I must say, people were really responsible! Even though everyone tried to take a photo with it, no-one touched the pup (even when someone attempted the whole crowd reacted) and everyone kept their distance.  Someone also found a sign, that was saying that you should not touch the seal pup and you should just let it rest, and a tape that we used to make a safe parameter around the seal.

It was my first time being so close to a seal outside of a zoo! Even all the seal safaris allowed me only to take a look at it from afar – my camera zoom is good but not that great ;(.  Seal appearance made this part of the trip truly unforgettable!!

Come back tomorrow to read about Lindholm Høje!

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