Summer holidays in Ebletoft


My boyfriend’s family has this tradition where they pack their bags and head off to some summerhouse in Denmark for an entire week during the holidays. Last year, I got invited to tag along, and before I knew it, I found myself chillin’ in Ebeltoft with the whole gang!

After reaching our destination, I eagerly researched the area for thrilling activities and adventures. It’s safe to say that we had an entire week filled with delightful excursions, relaxing moments, and basking in the beautiful summer weather.

Curious about what I did? Then read on 🙂

Visit Ebletoft

Ebeltoft is a charming little town located on the eastern coast of Denmark, known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and laid-back atmosphere. The town’s cobblestone streets are lined with quaint half-timbered old houses, boutique shops, and traditional Danish restaurants that serve up mouth-watering local delicacies.

Check out Farvergården

While you’re walking around the city, check out Farvergården, located in the heart of Ebeltoft’s bustling main street. It is a unique and well-preserved historical landmark. It is the sole surviving market town dyehouse in Northern Europe and one of the most remarkable farm environments in the area.

Originally built between 1700 and 1850, the dyehouse was once a bustling center for craftsmen to dye yarn and cloth for local residents and surrounding communities. The tannery, which operated during two separate periods (1772-1788 and 1824-1920s), was also a significant part of the town’s industry during this time. Today, visitors can explore this fascinating piece of history and learn about the intricate dyeing and tanning processes that took place here centuries ago.

Follow night watchmen

Ebeltoft offers a night watchman tour! This unique experience allows visitors to step back in time and witness the historic town of Ebeltoft in a whole new light.

Led by a local guide dressed in traditional clothing, the tour takes visitors on a stroll through the town’s cobblestone streets and alleyways, stopping at various landmarks along the way. The night watchman shares stories and legends from Ebeltoft’s past, providing insight into the town’s rich history and culture.

As you walk through the quiet streets under cover of darkness, you’ll feel transported to another time, as the night watchman’s lantern casts a warm glow and adds to the ambiance of the tour. It’s a truly unique and memorable way to experience Ebeltoft and its fascinating history.

Check the official website for more details.

Go for a hike

The Ebeltoft area offers an exceptional location for hiking and indulging in the splendor of nature. During our stay, we embarked on a spontaneous expedition by selecting a nearby trail, which led us on a thrilling escapade through the scenic landscape.

Check this website for hike ideas.


I developed a newfound love for stand-up paddleboarding a while back and started venturing out on mini excursions around my neighborhood. However, my boyfriend and his family had yet to experience the joys of paddling, so I seized the opportunity of summer, sunny weather, and leisure time to introduce them to it. We located a rental agency that rented out boards and wetsuits on Vibæk Beach, and we embarked on our paddling adventure. It turned out to be a fantastic experience, thanks to the pristine and shallow water that made splashing around a blast.

Link to the rental company.

Ree Park Safari

If you’re looking for a zoo or safari park in Denmark that will knock your socks off and then politely hand them back to you, look no further than Ree Safari Park. Nestled in the bosom of Djursland in Jutland, this place is a guaranteed good time for everyone. The animal enclosures here are not your average cramped cages; they’re more like rolling hills that give the critters plenty of space to roam and relax. Sure, you might miss out on some of the animals who are busy napping or hiding, but that’s part of the fun. The park clearly puts the animals’ needs first and makes sure they’re not just there for show. You gotta love that.

More details about the park in a separate post.

Randers Regnskov

So, the weather gods of Denmark were not on our side, and we were facing a day of downpours and misery. But then someone suggested we go to Randers Regnskov. And boy, was that a good call. The place has these three ginormous bubbles that hold a full-blown rainforest with all the fixings: towering trees, exotic flowers, and animals. You can wander around on the paths and bridges that snake through the place and feel like you’re in a different world.

There’s a whole section with tanks full of fish and another part where you can hang with the nocturnal animals. Outside, you can catch a glimpse of some ferocious beasts (hyenas and jaguars) and some less-ferocious-but-still-cute animals (pigs and goats).

More details about Randers Regnskov in a separate post.

Djurs Sommerland

One of the days, we decided to visit Djurs Sommerland – the best (according to me) amusement park in Denmark.

I was skeptical at first – I mean, I’d been to Tivoli and Bakken, and while they were fun, they didn’t exactly set my world on fire. But let me tell you, Djurs Sommerland is the real deal. They’ve got roller coasters that’ll make you scream like a banshee, rides that’ll make your stomach drop (in a good way), and even a waterpark where you can splash. We had a great day, and I can recommend the place to anyone who is in the area.

More details about Djurs Sommerland in a separate post.

Troll hunt

Sigurd, the bird and the red thing from Mørke

Upon learning that there were a couple of trolls residing nearby, we stumbled upon Sigurd – one of them – cruising down the hill atop his tiny red vehicle.

As an avid admirer of Thomas Dambo’s artwork and having already encountered other trolls, we opted to make our way to Mørke and pay a visit to Sigurd. Truth be told, he is currently my most favored troll! Witnessing the elation on his countenance as he sped down the hill atop his red car was simply unmissable.

More details about Sigurd in a separate post.

Ben Chiller from Mørke

Merely a short 4-minute drive (1.7 km) from Sigurd, rests Ben Chiller atop a small hill that is engulfed by a Christmas tree farm.
Ben was explicitly erected for the Northside music festival in Aarhus during the summer of 2015. While the music blared, he remained cool, calm, and collected, his hair tousled by the breeze and his gargantuan 11-meter-long legs sprawled out for people to relax on.

More details about Ben in a separate post.

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