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Ree Park Safari

Ree Safari Park is one of the best Safari parks/zoos I have ever been to in Denmark. Lying in the heart of Djursland in Jutland, the park offers an unforgettable experience for both young and old. 

One of the main reasons why I am a big fan of this particular place is that the animal enclosures are enormous, hilly, and offer ample space for animals to hide and run around. This means that you might not have a chance to see all the animals as they might hide in their burrows or sleep in the shade far away from prying eyes. Nevertheless, you will still enjoy what the park has to offer. It feels like the park considered the welfare of the animals first and then tourists, which is fantastic.

About the park

The park itself is massive, and it took us the whole day to walk around. Some animals, primarily predatory, are kept in their own enclosures, and you can look at them from afar. Whether you can spot leopards or lions is up to your luck.

Some other animals like donkeys, maras, or greater rheas walk freely among people. One of the greater rheas became really curious about my pants with floral pattern making me use my boyfriend as a protective shield 🙂

Check out the monkey island, where you can spot monkeys running around quite close to people. Make sure, though, to follow what is written on the signs and do not come open bags or come with a baby cart inside, as the monkey will hop onto it immediately. We saw a couple that had to run out of the area after being surrounded by curious monkeys just because they went in with a baby cart 🙂

Land Rover Safari

In addition to just walking around, it is possible to buy an extra activity, which is called Land Rover Safari. The car with a guide will take you through the savannah, where you can see zebras, rhinos, giraffes, and other animals closer. The trip lasts around 15 minutes, and you learn a lot about specific animals.

It is possible to see the savannah from the outside, so if you want to save up money, you can, though, personally, I liked the tour as I learned a lot of interesting facts.

Note though, that the ticket is not included in the general admission price, so you need to buy it separately. When you get the ticket, you also need to reserve a time slot for when you need to show up at the assembly point. That means that in high season, they might run out of spots during the day.

America Express

America Express is another activity that offers a train ride past the North American prairie. From the train, you will be able to see buffalos, bears, and wolfs closer by. My biggest stars were Prairie dogs; they stole the show with their many dens spread throughout the entire prairie. 

Note: Like Land Rover Safari, American Express is an extra activity you have to book and pay for beforehand. You also have to reserve a time slot.

Spend a night in the park

It is possible to spend a night and rent a cabin or a shelter in the park. In addition to an accommodation with an overview of enclosures with wolfs, giraffes, moose, and many others, you will also have the opportunity to partake in feeding animals and enjoy the park after busy hours. 

The accommodation itself is a little bit expensive, but if you want to splurge, check out the link with all the details.


At the time of writing (July 2022), there was a 20% discount on the tickets applied to up to 5 people if you show your ticket at the entrance to the safari park no later than seven days after you have boarded the MOLSLINJEN ferry- the one from the song, you most definitely heard if you live in Denmark. And if you haven’t heard it, play the clip below, and it will stay in your head forever; you’re welcome 😀

More details about discounts are under this link.

Food and drinks 

You can bring your own lunches and drinks. There are tables, benches, fire pits, gas grills, and covered dining areas in several places in the park for free use. 

There are also different shops and restaurants where you can buy food, drinks, and icecreams.

How to get there


The easiest way to get there is by car. Ree Park Safari is located approx. 12 km from Ebeltoft. There is a huge parking lot, so you will not have issues finding a parking spot.

Public transport

Unfortunately, no public buses drive directly to Ree Park.

From Ebeltoft

The closest you can get is if you take in Ebeltoft regional bus 351 going to Grenaa and get off in Hyllested (3 km away from the park).

From Aarhus

If you are coming from Aarhus, you can take regional bus 122 towards Grenaa and get off in Tirstrup(7 km to Ree Park).

From Randers

If you are coming from Randers, take regional bus 212 all the way to Ebeltoft or get off in Øksenmølle. From here it is just under 5 km to the park.

According to Midttrafik, bicycles can be taken on the regional buses to the extent that space permits.


You can also order something Flextur, which you must order at least one hour before the trip. Collective traffic allows people living in less dense areas of Denmark to use public commutes. It basically works like a taxi but is cheaper.

More details here.

Personally, I have never used it, so let me know how it went if you tried 🙂

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