Djurs Sommerland – the best amusement park in Denmark

Djurs Sommerland

 I made a pact with my brother long ago that we should visit at least one amusement park a year. We try to keep the tradition going but living in two different countries and slowly but inevitably being busy with adult things, we sometimes fail to meet the goal. And this is where my boyfriend steps in; he tries to help keep the tradition going. Hence this year, while holidaying in the summerhouse in Jutland, we decided to visit Djurs Sommerland – the best (according to me) amusement park in Denmark.

Djurs Sommerland is the biggest Sandinavia’s Summerland with multiple rollercoasters, many rides for thrill seekers and families with kids, and a waterpark. The park won the prizes “Best Family Park in Europe 2019” and “Danish Theme Park of the Year in 2019, 2020, and 2021“. 

Honestly, I haven’t expected much from the park; I thought it would be something like Tivoli or Bakken. Nothing wrong with those two, but let’s face it, they do not have the most thrilling rides out there. But I was positively surprised!


The park has seven different rollercoasters, and I enjoyed most of them. I liked the rollercoaster called Juvelen, Denmark’s longest roller coaster (1 km long) and the only Double Launch Coaster reaching a top speed of 85 km/h. Another one I had fun with a lot was called Piraten

Thor’s Hammer, on the other hand, was definitely not my cup of tea. Too many sharp 180 turns 😛

If you are curious about other roller coasters, check the official website.

As I mentioned, there were many rides for others who are not as obsessed with rollercoasters as I am, both for adults and kids. The park is divided into zones like Dino, Pirates, Viking, and so on, and everyone will find something for themselves in each zone. 

We could see that the park was aimed at families with kids as in addition to all the rides, there were also many areas with themed playgrounds and trampolines. 

Check out the whole map here.

Water park

We didn’t venture much into the water park area, with many pools and water slides. As we were there in July- the middle of summer holidays in Denmark – it was full of people, and we simply didn’t want to waste time in the queues. From afar, the area looked pretty interesting.

More about the water park here.


When going to an amusement park, you will probably ask yourself how long the queues are and what to prepare for. In Djurs Sommerland, the lines were not that bad; considering the middle of the Danish summer holidays, I would say they were great. At most, we have waited 30 minutes, which is definitely better than 3 hours in some other bigger parks I’ve been to.

Food and drinks

There were many places where you could buy all sorts of food and snacks. But it is also possible to bring your own lunch. There are many green oases and picnic areas where you can sit on a blanket or bench.

I found out you can also buy a barbeque package, though it has to be done a day in advance. More info here.

One cool thing we noticed was the all-you-can-drink soda machines. Not the most healthy option, but then again, it’s an amusement park 🙂 The idea was to pay for a special bottle and then fill it with different drinks as you walk along the park. It was the first time I had seen a machine like that in an amusement park, and I really liked it. The price wasn’t crazy either, and you will get thirsty after the whole day of running around.

All the info about food options can find under this link.

How to get there


It is possible to get there by bus. For details, check this link.

Return bus ticket includes admission to Djurs Sommerland and costs 320DKK (in 2022)


As the usual car is the easiest. Djurs Sommerland lies only 45 minutes away from Aarhus.

There is extensive parking for regular cars and a smaller one for caravans.

Important to note is that you can return to your vehicle to collect things during your visit. Just bring your admission ticket, and get a stamp from the staff at the Ticket Information before leaving the park so that you can get into the park again.

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