Randers Regnskov – tropical forest in Denmark

Randers Regnskov

After checking the weather forecast and finding out that the weather would be typical danish weather – rain, we decided to find some place indoors to spend a day. And hence we drove to Randers Regnskov.

Under three domes lies a tropical rain forest filled with lush plants and a myriad of animals. The pathways meander through the greenery, waterfalls, and artificial lakes, allowing visitors to observe nature from the paths and bridges. 

There were many mesmerizing and exotic animals, as you can see in the photos, but we got fascinated by leaf-cutting ants marching back and forth with big chunks of leaves above their heads. And I have a thing for butterflies; they fascinate me, and you could hardly drag me out of the area where they flew around.

In addition to the tropical forest, there is an area with fishtanks, a night zoo, and an outdoor space with predators like hyenas, jaguars, and household animals like pigs and goats. From what we could see, they have a couple of other areas in development to be opened up in 2023.

More info about Randers Regnskov’s offcial webiste.

When to visit

We visited Randers Regnskov on a rainy July day, meaning everyone that was on holiday in that area (so half of Denmark) had precisely the same thought as us 🙂 As a result, it was pretty crowded; in a couple of places, we had to walk one after another in a plodding line. As a result, we couldn’t stop by to observe as long as we would love to; and I felt sorry for the animals as they seemed overwhelmed by the crowds. 

That being said, if you would like to learn more about the tropical forest, I recommend going in the off-season, where you would have more space to enjoy.

Temperature inside

As it is a rainforest, the temperature oscillates between 22-30 °C with 100% humidity all year round. So if you visit in winter, remember to wear layered clothing so you can take off additional layers. 

How to get there

Randers Regnskov is located a few kilometers from the E45 motorway, less than a fifteen-minute walk from the bus and train station, and less than 45 minutes drive from Aarhus airport.

If you take a car, there is a parking lot. You have to pay a parking fee for most of the spaces; there are some free spots, though. 

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