Glade Anders and Månemor’s Mysterious Quest: Embarking on a Troll-Filled Adventure through Hedeland

Glade Anders and Månemor

What is a better idea to uncover local areas of Denmark with my mom than going for a troll hunt, especially ones I have yet to discover?

The idea struck me when my social media feed went wild about troll number 100 and 101, a mischievous mother and son duo who recently relocated somewhere in Hedeland.

Glade Anders

Troll number 101 goes by the name Glade Anders (Happy Anders) and is actually quite easy to locate if you simply follow Google Maps. Glade Anders was constructed in January and served as a distraction for those who had caught on that troll number 100 might be hiding out in Hedeland.


However, finding Månemor, the Moon mother and the ultimate troll matriarch, is a bit trickier. In April, people all over the internet were deciphering clues hidden near the other 99 trolls to unveil a secret message that reveals Månemor’s whereabouts somewhere in the world. If you’re up for the challenge, you can even try decoding the poem written in the unique troll language created by Thomas Dambo, which serves as a clue to Månemor’s location.

When we visited, there was no marker on Google Maps, and our only hint was to follow the road indicated by a series of wooden birdhouses made by the scouts who participated in the Scout Camp in Hedeland back in July 2022.

Following those birdhouses led us on an exciting journey through thick shrubs, dense bushes, and the rolling hills of Hedeland. Sure, we could have taken an easier route, but hacking through the wilderness was definitely a lot more fun. Unless, of course, you’re like my boyfriend, who gets panicky at the slightest hint of uneven terrain! 😛

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