The Royal Republic of Ladonia


The Royal Republic of Ladonia or Micronation of Ladonia is an artistic installation on the coast of southern Sweden. It was proclaimed as a micronation in 1996 after a years-long fight with local council and courts.

There are almost 18k people from 50 countries that are residents of Ladonia. They have a Queen and President. There is also a newspaper and an active online community.

The wooden installation you can see on the pictures is called Nimis, from the Latin word “too much.” It is built from 75 tons of driftwood and was the reason for the dispute. The problem lies in the fact that the structure lies in the Kullaberg nature reserve. The council said that it is a building and it is not allowed in there.

That is also a reason why it is hard to find. There are no official signs; you have to follow yellow Ns painted on trees and fences. The path is a little steep at the end, but it is not super hard to hike.
I was lucky, and my Swedish friend guided me there, so I found the place without any problem 🙂
One tip though, be careful while going through the installation; many nails are sticking out, and some wooden pieces are old and shaky.

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