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I love hiking, rock climbing, in other words, mountains. Unfortunately, Denmark is flat as hell, so it is not the best place when you have a hobby like that 🙂
Thankfully, Sweden is just around the corner or rather a bridge, so it is easy to hop into the car and drive there.

Kullen/ Kullaberg

Kullen is one of the places that are relatively close by. It is only 2 hours away by car, but the landscape is much different than flat Copenhagen area. The terrain is rugged and beautiful. The cliffs look picturesque. It is a perfect destination for a short day trip.

Kullen is a perfect place for some light hiking, caving tours, snorkeling, kayaking, and rock climbing.
If you are much into hiking, there is a trail going from Helsingborg along the coast to Kullaberg. It is called Kullaleden (part of Skåneleden Trail), and it is 70 km long. If 70 km is too much, there are still some trails all around, so it is still perfect 🙂


There are many available routes along the Kullen coast. We did not have topos but met some guys, and they had the whole book of the area. The routes we picked were accessible from both the top and the bottom. That allowed us to make an anchor without having to do lead -climbing and we just did top-rope there.
There are many routes available with different difficulties. So if you are looking for a place to do some climbing I can recommend it.
The rope we had was 60m, and it was enough.


Kullaberg is not a national park but a nature reserve, therefore you can’t set up a tent there. But there is a shelter close by, that you can use for sleeping over. That is what we did. There are three shelters in total in the forest, with a place to make a fire in the evening, toilet and running water.

Getting there

The easiest way to get there is by car. We went with several vehicles, some of us rented one. I have read it is possible to get there by bus/ ferry, but I haven’t tried.

Now how to get there with a car from Copenhagen.

The cheapest way is to buy the Øresund bridge pass. The price for a return ticket without having a subscription (~700kr) is almost the same as purchasing a subscription (~350kr) and then crossing with it (~165kr one way). So if you ever plan on going to Sweden again, just buy the pass. Then the next time you plan to go, it is going to be cheaper.
The other way to cross is with the ferry from Helsingør. It is quite costly if you go with a car (~400kr one way), but it might be the right choice if you want to go with a bike (~74kr both directions for a person and bike).

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