Tudor Photoshoot – travel back to medieval England

Tudor Photoshoot

Whenever I travel, I try looking for themed photoshoots to bring unique souvenirs from the place I visit. I somehow managed to convince my boyfriend that this is a brilliant idea, and thus, it became our tradition <3

This time, when visiting London, I couldn’t stop myself when I discovered a Tudor Dynasty photoshoot.

Who belonged to Tudor Dynasty? Henry VIII was the most famous king of this dynasty that ruled England during the 14th- to 16th-century. You might have heard of him as he got famous for having eight wives and successfully killing a couple of them. Because Rome disapproved of divorces, he severed ties with Pope and created the Church of England, declaring himself Supreme Head of the Church of England. If you want to know more, there is a fantastic show called “The Tudors” you might want to check out 🙂

The studio where I took my pictures offers not only Tudor-style photos but also cowboy, gangster, and Victorian styles. We opted for Tudors as we figured out; what fits better for a trip to England than the English king and queen 🙂

I found an offer on Groupon that included one image printed. But we ended up buying couple more prints as it was tough to decide from among 100 pictures that were taken 🙂

Surprisingly, it only took a couple of minutes to put the costumes on, and afterward, the photographer led us through the process, instructing us on what poses to make. It was easy and fun.

If you are interested, here is the link to the website.

Tudor Photoshoot

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