Maiko or Geiko makeover

Maiko and geiko makeover

Have you ever wondered how you would look in a maiko or geiko outfit? Kyoto has many establishments that allow you to dress up in traditional costumes. They offer photo sessions with professionals where they do makeup, help you with clothes and then tell exactly how to stand to look awesome 🙂 You can do a session alone, with friends or your significant other. It is a lot of fun!! When I sent my pictures to my family, they asked me why I am sharing some random internet pictures. Even my mother did not recognize me!!

Some places allow you to rent a yukata and then walk around the city. Imagine yourself in traditional clothing under all that sakuras trees!!

The place I used is called Yumeyakata, and you can visit this link for more info.

I have tried two outfits – for Maiko and Geiko. Maiko is a Geisha apprentice and is a young girl. Therefore her outfit is more youthful, full of colors and ornaments. Similarly, with makeup, which should look young and cute. On the other hand, Geiko is geisha (in the Kyoto dialect). She is a professional artist who excels in traditional Japanese arts and crafts such as shamisen playing, dancing, and tea ceremony. Her outfit is less colorful and looks more serious. If you want to know more about the differences between the two, check out this article.


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