Maiko and Samurai photoshoot in Kyoto


I am crazy about doing photoshoots in different outfits, and over the years, I took part in a couple of them. So when my boyfriend decided to tag along on my trip, I got a fantastic idea about including him in one. 

When I visited Japan in 2017, I had already done a similar photoshoot in the studio, wearing geiko and maiko outfits.

And I loved it!

So this time, I figured, let’s do a similar one: I wear a maiko (geisha apprentice) outfit, and my boyfriend would wear a samurai costume. Initially, he wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea, but he agreed when I promised him it would be only a couple of pictures. However, when the photoshoot was over, he became a huge fan 😀

Which company?

We used a company called Kyoto-Maiko.

They offer several plans for couples, families, friends, and single people in different locations. They take pictures in the studio and in the garden of a Japanese traditional 100-year-old machiya townhouse. There is also a possibility of venturing into the old town of Kyoto, into the geisha district and taking pictures on the streets.

The company knows their target audience and are fully aware that girls are dragging boyfriends out for a shoot. That way, the couple shoot included pictures together and a couple of pictures of just a lady, leaving the guy in peace 🙂 

What we chose

We chose the studio shot and outdoor course where we got a couple of pictures snapped inside and on the streets. The assistant was kind enough to take our phone and snap some casual photos of us walking down the streets, which was an incredible gesture!

The best part of the experience, though, was when the photographer left us on the streets to walk around on our own. They gave us a map of the area and told us to come back 45 minutes later. It was insanely fun! Big thanks to my boyfriend that transformed himself into my personal photographer and ran around the streets taking gazillion pictures of me 🙂

We had a lot of fun looking for fabulous locations, taking pictures of each other (well, mostly of me 😀 ), and talking with tourists who wanted to take photos with us. 

How long does it take?

It took around 3-4 hours for the photoshoot we chose. My boyfriend was bored for the first hour, playing on the phone as I needed more time with makeup and dress. Let’s say it like that; it took a while to apply all that white paint all over my face. So if you are going to bring your boyfriend to do it with you, make sure he has some toys to play with while waiting 🙂

When my makeup was done, the assistants helped me wear layers, upon layers of kimono, while my boyfriend was watching and having fun seeing how I was being wrapped up like a dumpling 🙂 

After both of us were ready, we proceeded to take pictures in the studio, followed by a photo session outdoors.

Studio Pictures

Outdoor photoshoot

Our pictures

Is it worth it?

We had immense fun, and I would do it again without thinking much. It is not the cheapest experience, but the amount of joy it gave us is immeasurable! We now have some unforgettable memories and unique pictures from our trip that currently adorn our walls at home, reminding us of the great time we had.

And thanks to the fantastic adventure, we made a deal that whenever we have a chance to dress up and take some pictures, we will do it! So keep posted for more photoshoots to come 🙂


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