Deep Forest Art Land – Skovsnogen

Deep Forest Art Land

While driving through Jutland, between Herning and Billund, we encountered a fascinating and unusual art exhibition called Deep Forest Art Land, tucked in between the lush green trees of the forest.

The arrangement was created in 2010 by visual artists René Schmidt and Søren Taaning under the name Skovsnogen (i.e. forest snake). The artists wanted to involve the audience in the process of creating art and letting people follow the collection during the change in seasons as it slowly decays as time flows by. In contrast to the usual art exhibition, the pieces are spread around in wilderness under the open sky, hidden away in deciduous and coniferous forest, river course, scrub, raised bog, heath, and meadow.

When you reach the area, you can follow a 3 km long path winding through the trees as you venture deeper and deeper into the forest. There is no apparent order in which you should experience art, so discover the pieces in the way you want, following the trail that spikes your interest. Sometimes the old elements decay into nothingness; sometimes, they are substituted by the new arrivals. The forest is ever-changing, and so is the art, which is hidden within.

I am not a massive fan of art, but I had a great afternoon discovering different pieces spread around a beautiful green forest. We walked in the woods for around 2 hours, and yet, we didn’t manage to see it all. I had so much fun that I will be back for more.


There is parking available at the entrance from Sdr. Ommevej, 200 meters south of Døvlingvej. When we visited it in 2021, the parking was free.


The entrance to the forest is also free (at least in 2021); however, if you want, you can donate the money for the conservation of the area by sending some cash with MobilePay – the phone number is shown at the entrance.

Read more about the Deep Forest Art Land on their official website.

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