The Bolund peninsula 

Half Island of Bolund

During the last couple of sunny days, I felt like I wanted to see a fantastic sunset. So I took out a map, looked at which place would provide a good vantage point for the setting sun, and just drove there 🙂 This way, I ended up discovering the Bolund peninsula (or halvø in Danish).

Bolund Halvø lies in Roskilde Fjord in Skjoldungernes Land National Park. The peninsula is reachable by land via a 500 m long passageway that makes the island always accessible. During high tide, the pathway can become quite wet and muddy, so ensure proper shoes. Meadows surrounding the area are also on wetland, so don’t be surprised if you step into a water hole. 

Interestingly, Bolund is also called “Ko-øen” – or “Cow island” as many cows are grazing the meadows nearby. The place is an ideal spot for bird lovers as there are many different kinds of birds there, as well as it is also a popular place among fishers fishing all around the peninsula.

Hike up a 12 m high cliff to view the panorama, and don’t forget to look down and marvel at the stone spirals left by visitors of the island, you could even add a pebble of your own!

In the meadows, you can spot a stone called Bolundstenen that is surrounded by legend. The story says that an angry witch threw the Bolund Stone after a troll. The troll got hit in the head by the stone and sank into the ground. If you remove the stone, the troll’s head will appear again. Another story tells that a witch was mad at Roskilde Cathedral – and therefore threw the stone towards the two towers. She was not so good at throwing, and consequently, the stone only reached the meadows of Bolund.

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