North Zealand’s Bird Park

Nordsjællands Fuglepark

Nordsjællands Fuglepark is a private zoo that was established in 2003 and is currently the largest bird park in Northern Europe. What started as a hobby ended up as a home for 2000 birds from all over the world.

The aviaries are spacious, with enough room for the birds to spread their wings and fly. During the breeding season, you might encounter quite extensive vegetation and weeds inside them. The plants are not removed, both to provide food in the form of insects that are attracted to the weeds and to not disturb the young and risk damaging the eggs. Many of the bird species are endangered, so when they successfully breed, the hatchlings are passed on to other zoos. In this way, the species can survive and grow larger.

The zoo also has some other animals like squirrels, kangaroos, and meerkats that live alongside giant turtles (if I wait 100 years, maybe my turtles will grow that big ^ ^). Peacocks are roaming freely in the area, with males spreading their colorful tails once in a while. There are also plenty of reptiles and fish among the park’s residents. You can visit African dwarf goats’ enclosure to pet and feed the goats. 

Some indoors parts like a tropical house (Tropehuset) were unfortunately closed due to Corona, so I guess I have to wait until the next visit 🙂


Every day at 12.30, the park showcases colorful birds as they fly over the area, while the park’s biologist, Martin Shellerup, talks about them and how he trains them. 

If you’re lucky, the bird might even sit on your shoulder, like one Galah cockatoo that sat on my friend’s 🙂 As the birds fly around, sometimes they just decide to go on a trip on their own; we heard about a pair of blue Aras that chose to fly to Helsingør 20 km away for a day trip. 

Twice a day (11.00 and 14.00), you can also help the animal keepers feed the Australian Lorries in their large aviaries and let them eat directly from your hands. Unfortunately, we missed it ;(


You are welcome to bring your food basket, which you can enjoy outside in nature among the chirpings of the birds. There were a lot of tables spread around the grounds, and we also noticed some grills.



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