Cherry Blossoms in Bispebjerg Kirkegård 2021

Bispebjerg Kirkegård

Even though the weather this April is quite unpredictable with a mixture of sun and snow, we managed to get a couple of warm weather days. As a result, both fauna and flora decided it is time to start spring. Thus, the Hanami season (cherry blossom) officially starts, and we can marvel at beautiful cherry blossoms and busy bees around Copenhagen 🙂

There are many places all around the city where you can spot a tree or two, but there are iconic two for this time of the year. The first one is Langelinie Park, with 200 cherry blossom trees gifted from Japan. Each year, well, except Covid years,  a Japanese festival is organized in the park where everyone can enjoy sakura trees together. The other place is Bispebjerg Kirkegård. A graveyard, where one of the alleys is surrounded by cherry trees.

Last year the alley was unfortunately closed due to a pandemic; luckily, this year, the alley got opened with a sanitary regime. This means that it is possible to enjoy sakura trees with some restrictions, like only walking in one direction, keeping distance, and not leaving the pathway. Because you can’t get on the grass, there is a limited amount of branches close to people. I would recommend going early in the morning when the graveyard opens; else, you will not have much time to take pictures. While walking around the graveyard, remember to be respectful of the resting place and enjoy all the other flowers all around.

I love cherry season and Bispebjerg Kirkegård, but I didn’t spend that much time on the graveyard this year because of the restrictions. It was a little bit hard to find a spot to take some pictures as there were not that many branches and many people wanted selfies 🙂 Instead, I went around the neighborhood and found some other cherry trees where I stalked bees and bumblebees 🙂


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