Roadtrip in Romania: Satu Mare

My Romania trip started in Satu Mare. This is where my friends held their wedding ceremony.

As a city itself it was not really anything impressive. I think it used to look really nice in the past but would require a  little bit of work to come back to old glory.

Good example is Dacia hotel that according to my friends used to be gorgeous  and they used to have important ceremonies held there. Now you can see the front deteriorates slowly and all the windows are barred.


When walking through the streets unfortunately more of those run down buildings can be seen.

The post-comunist atmosphere can be felt throughout the city.


There are a lot of churches all around and what I found further in our journey is that Romania is full of churches – mostly rich orthodox ones.

Satu Mare is close to Hungarian border and a lot of Hungarian influences can be seen everywhere. This is also a reason why there are also a lot of protestant churches around.

It was really nice to see some typical Romanian non-touristic city. It really reminded me of my own city when I was a kid, so hopefully in couple of years some of the building will be renovated.


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