Roadtrip in Romania : Intro

Roadtrip around Romania

Last year I was invited for a friend’s wedding in Romania.The city they held the wedding is the same distance to many different airports and one of them happened to be my home town 😀

And the idea got born about borrowing a car and heading for a road trip in Romania. I haven’t made a particular plan, I just noted down all places I would love to see and decided to choose as I go.

My friends got me a sim card from some Romanian cell company so I was equipped with Internet 🙂  I was booking all the hotels via booking.com just couple hours before arriving when I actually knew if I can arrive to the particular place or not.

All that factors made the trip quite surprising with totally unplanned 3 days stay at the beach in Constancia.

The trip ended up looking like that:


We covered this distance in 12 days with 3 days of idle sitting on the beach.

One thing I’ve learned from this trip is that Romanians think that speed limits and other signs are just suggestions. The road is a war zone where there are no rules  at all xD


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