Biggest statue of Jesus in the world

Christ the King in Świebodzin

Could you ever imagine that the biggest Jesus statue is not in Rio! It is actually in the middle of nowhere in Poland 😀

I have never heard about the city of Świebodzin until Jesus made the news. So when one day I was driving from Denmark to Poland, imagine my surprise when I found out I am driving next to it. I had to make a stop to check it out.

The idea to build such a figure was born in 2000 to commemorate the entrustment of the fate of the town and county of Świebodzin to Christ the King. Ten years later, in 2010, Jesus Christ the King of the Universe stands tall in the middle of a field.

The statue is of 33m tall, symbolizing Jesus’ age at his death. The crown is 3.5 m in diameter and 2 m in height and is gilded. Along with its mound, the statue reaches 52.5 m.

After it was built, there was quite a lot of controversy surrounding the statue. Did Poland really need such a huge and expensive statue in the middle of nowhere? But regardless of everything, there it is. It started attracting tourists and pilgrims. And I finally know where Świebodzin is:P


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