Gedser Odde – Denmark’s southernmost point

Gedser Odde

We visited Gedser right after arriving from Norway for a small family holiday in the summer house. The whole neighborhood is known for three things: ferry to Germany, sommer cottages, and the point that is the most south part of Denmark.

Ferry to Germany

It takes 2 hours to get to Rostock, and then you have access to cheap beer and Cola 😀 The ferry departs every two hours.

Sommer houses

The area is well known as a holiday destination, and because of this year’s Corona situation, it was full of Danes and Germans. The area is lovely, with sandy white beaches. The most famous beach is Marielyst, but to be honest, every other beach in the neighborhood is equally charming.
Marielyst is popular because it is also a small, cute city, where you could grab some dinner or do little shopping.

The area is so calm that we had a couple of deers coming over to check us out!

Denmark’s southernmost point

Gedser Odde is the most southern spot of Denmark, thus the most southern place of Scandinavia!
At the tip, you can find a marine station that acts now like a geographical, natural, and geological museum with the South-stone (Sydstenen) in the middle of the yard.
The building is being renovated now, but you can find much interesting information about nature, birds, geology, history, and windmills on the facade.

If you love bunkers or birds, you will not be disappointed 🙂 The beach has both, so take a stroll and have fun!

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