Wild horses in Høje Gladsaxe Park

Wild Horses

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to find interesting sights. I think that is one of the reasons I like Copenhagen so much, having nature within an arm’s reach! 

One of those places is my local park – Høje Gladsaxe Park – where you can find wild horses roaming around! They stay outside all year round, gnawing on bark and grass in the area. Horses have been introduced to the park to strengthen the area’s biodiversity, contributing significantly to a varied nature, with more flowers, insects, and birds.

Just remember that as they are wild horses, you are not allowed to feed or pet them!

You can see the area where you can spot the horses on the map below. For more details about horses, follow this link (in Danish).


Right outside the area with horses, a wild meadow covers the hilly landscape. During summer, the grasses are not cut in order to support insects, invertebrates (butterflies, bees, spiders, and millipedes), birds, and mammals. During the spring, you can observe the multitude of different birds getting cozy in the local lake 😉 To sum up, this diverse park is a fantastic place for taking a walk and observing a variety of different animals.

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