Vestvolden – Copenhagen’s fortifications


If you are looking for an exciting area for a bike ride or just a stroll, check the Copenhagen fortificationsVestvoldenone of the longest and best-preserved ramparts in the world.
After being defeated by Germany in 1864, Denmark discerned the need to protect the capital. Thus in 1885-1894, a vast fortification ring surrounding the outer perimeter of Copenhagen was built. However, the fortifications were never used in a war, and most of the facilities were left deserted and unattended. In recent years the buildings have been restored, and now we can enjoy this piece of history while taking a ride through the now green alleyways the fortifications occupy.
The fortifications stretch for almost 15 km, from Utterslev Mose in the north to the beaches in Avedøre in the south. Along the way, you can discover and explore many of the old forts and batteries. Many of them include descriptions and depictions of their past functions. There are also many sheep roaming around, so prepare some cut apples or carrots and bring some joy to the local balls of cuteness and fluffiness (Yes, you’re actually allowed to feed the enclosed sheep these food items. Have a look at the signs, though)!


Try out the mobile game ‘Forsvundet i tiden‘ (Lost in Time), where you need to help a boy and a girl that suddenly went missing under mysterious circumstances. Complete the mission by running around the fortifications, solving questions and tasks. The app also allows you to use your phone as digital binoculars to look into the past and discover hidden historical clues. More details about the app under this link.
If you would like to get into the bunker, check out Ejbybunkeren, which was the only structure that saw use until 2004! More about the bunker, under this link.

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