Lange Liv from Amager Vest & Avedøre

Lange Liv

Lange Liv from Amager Vest & Avedøre is the third troll from the new series of trolls called “The Huge Troll Festival (den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest)“. Having already visited four others (Trolls in Denmark), I wanted to get a step closer to completing my troll list and decided to pay Liv a visit.

I chose Liv as getting to her was a bit shorter of a bike ride for me than Bjarke Stencirkel (50 km vs. 75 km), and my corona-lazy butt is not that used to moving anymore; surprising what a year of doing 500 steps a day can do to a body 😉

The weather was terrific, 16°C and sunny! I couldn’t ask for more! The hunt takes you on an 8 km adventure through Amager Vest & Avedøre. We biked along the shore of Avedøre Holme and marveled at the sheer size of the biggest off-shore windmills produced in Denmark, which are on display in the area! It was so much fun biking around, and since there were not many people around, we had a pretty relaxed ride!

We finally managed to find Lange Liv in the most unexpected spot, on Skrædderholmen, after the bumpiest ride of my life! Nature was definitely not kind to the small asphalt roads found on the island. To be honest, I passed that island so many times driving my car on the highway, right above it, and never in my dreams would I have imagined that one of the trolls was hiding there! Sneaky trolls 😀


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