Elmelunde Church

Elmelunde Church

Elmelunde is the oldest church on the island of Møn. It dates back to 1085!! What is remarkable about that particular church are the frescoes (kalkmalerier) from the 15th century. The frescos depict scenes from the Bible and daily life. 

They were painted by Elmelunde Master, who painted the frescoes in the churches of Elmelunde, Fanefjord, and Keldby, all located on the island of Møn.

The paintings were hidden for ages. Because of reformation, they were coved by limewash. And so centuries went by, and layer after layer was added on top until everyone forgot that there used to be any paintings at all.

The paintings in the nave and choir were discovered in 1885. During the most recent restoration work, some earlier Romanesque frescos were discovered; however, it has not been possible to restore them until now. 

Outside, a small graveyard surrounds the church. What was unexpected for me was a burial mound from the Bronze Age located on the grounds.

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