Melby Overdrev – The magic of the heather bloom

Melby Overdrev

From the beginning of August to the beginning of September, heather flowers blossom, covering moors in a delightful shade of violet. Take a walk, venture into nature, and get surrounded by thriving purple flowers and yellow lemon butterflies.

There are actually many places in Denmark where you can find heather (Lyng in Danish). Check out the map to find one close to you.

Last year, I managed to visit Melby Overdrev; even though I was there in late September, the violet flowers looked enchanting. Even though most of the flowers were already past their prime, I still found some here and there.

Melby Overdrev is the most extensive moor in Zealand and one of the most outstanding and exciting natural areas in Halsnæs. You can find many unique animals and rare plants in the area. 

Additionally, it lies next to a picturesque beach, where you can take a swim or just go for a walk.

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