Tour de France Grand Départ in Copenhagen

Tour de France Grand Départ Copenhagen

The world’s largest cycling race, Tour de France, came to Denmark at the beginning of July 2022. Originally the race was supposed to happen in 2021, but as we all know, Corona canceled many great events, including this one. So with one year delay, I could finally see the race in real life!

Copenhagen was selected to be the opening stage, the so-called Grand Départ, of this fantastic race, where the bikers were racing on the 13 km long route around central Copenhagen. The grand opening was a single race where each biker left at one-minute intervals. The two other stages led through Roskilde to Nyborg via the Great Belt Bridge and then from Vejle to Sønderborg, after which the Tour continues in France.

I had a chance to see the stage held in beautiful but very rainy Copenhagen, and I had a blast! Even though the weather did not bless us with sunshine, the atmosphere was fantastic and mere rain couldn’t stop Danes from enjoying such an occasion! It was insane, walking through the car-free city, looking at all the colorfully clothed people sitting in the windows, standing on the streets while waving flags and cheering. If there was an item people could stand on, they were 🙂


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