BonBon-Land amusement park


Last summer, when I was looking where to go for a new adventure, my boyfriend felt quite nostalgic and suggested visiting BonBon-Land – an amusement park he used to go to when he was a kid.


BonBon-Land can be translated to a Land of Candy and is an amusement park located in South Zealand in Denmark. BonBon-Land, similarly to Legoland, was opened adjacent to the factory, in this case, BonBon candy factory in Holme-Olstrup, to promote the business.

BonBon-slik (candy) were quite popular back in the day in Denmark with peculiar names such as seagulls (mågeklatter), dog farts (hundeprutter), and diapers (tissebleer); oh, the Danish humor 😀

Many schools and kindergartens visited the candy factory to see how the candy came to be. However, the candy production had to meet some strict hygiene requirements and therefore could not receive visitors. Thus, the candymaker Michael Spangsberg decided to open a small amusement park in 1992, with a candy workshop, a cinema, a shop, and four duck boats in a lake.

Park nowadays

Over the years, the park expanded to what it is today, with many rides for kids and adults alike. The time passage left a visible mark in the park, and it has definitely seen better days. The park doesn’t have many rollercoasters that I love; however, it still has some interesting rides with different candy themes.

When Covid is over, you can experience Denmark’s first interactive Virtual Reality experience on a roller coaster once again, which is something I am really looking forward to trying!

My boyfriend was all over the moon, remembering all the rides he tried as a kid and got a chance to try them over again. The excitement when he went over all weird candy names and showed me the place where he got his first driver’s license made my day.

To sum up, it is not the most exciting amusement park out there, but it is definitely a peculiar demonstration of Danish humor that is worth visiting at least once.

Check their website for prices and opening hours: https://www.bonbonland.dk/

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