ARoS Art Museum


ARoS is an art museum located in Aarhus that got famous on social media because of its 150-meter-long, three-meter-wide circular walkway in glass in all the rainbow spectrum colors. But the rainbow selfies are not the only reason to visit the museum 🙂

ARoS is one of the largest art museums in Northern Europe and is the oldest public art museum in Denmark outside Copenhagen (the museum was established in 1859).

ARoS has an extensive art collection with works from the Danish Golden Age until today. Alongside, it presents themed and changing exhibitions of both Danish and international artists. Check the link for a list of current exhibitions here.

I loved some of the exhibitions, like a bridge suspended among the mirrors (yes, my selfie-loving self had a field day there), a tree showing the changing seasons, and the giant boy. On the other hand, some exhibitions were weird, like a couple pierced by many sharp objects or a strange herbal gate. I am not a big fan of modern art, so probably some deep meaning escaped me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nonetheless, I still enjoyed my trip there.

Overall we spent a couple of hours there (my boyfriend is a waaaaaay bigger art fan than me, thankfully they have many benches there:P ). If you like art, that is definitely not a place to miss; if you don’t, rainbow panorama still makes it worth it 🙂 

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