Denmarks largest Tulip Festival in Gavnø Castle

Denmarks largest Tulip Festival

Each year, between mid-April and mid-May, you can experience Denmark’s largest Tulip Festival in the historic Castle Park at Gavnø Castle.

Take a stroll among thousands of tulips blossoming around the castle grounds, and look for your favorite variety. While you’re at it take a peek into the castle to see the paintings and check butterflies in the greenhouse.

The tulips are planted each October, meaning each season is different and unique. At the end of May, when the festival ends, the castle organizes an event where people are allowed to dig the bulbs out and take them home for free.

So check their website for a date (in 2021, it is 24th May), prepare a small shovel, some bags, and get some fabulous tulips for your garden.

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