Christmas markets in Budapest

Budapest Christmas markets

As Christmas was approaching really fast and I just love Christmas markets I have decided to go for a yet another trip. This time Budapest was my choice. I have always wanted to visit the city and it was perfect opportunity to do both!

Budapest Christmas markets were much different from what I was used to. How different you ask?

Well, first of all majority of things that were sold there, were one way or another connected to Hungary. There were a lot of authentic Hungarian folk art ,good quality local handcrafts and local cousine. I think it was my first Christmas market where there was so much food! And it looked and tasted really delicious.

The only thing that I was a little bit disappointed about was that the market area was really small and there weren’t that many of them. This feeling was also influenced by the fact that Christmas Fair at Basilica was not open yet, so there were only couple other places with the markets.

5 things to do when visiting Budapest Christmas Markets:

1. Walk around

Go around and take a look at some amazing Hungarian crafts! They look really amazing. But words will not convince you, so there you go, take a look at some of the photos:

2. Try local cousine

As I mentioned, there was so much food everywhere and even though I was really full, I just keep getting new stuff 🙂

I was recommended to try:

  • Lángos – a yeast-based round batter deep-fried in oil covered with different kind of toppings.
  • Chimney Cake (Kurtoskalacs)- the sweet rock and roll pastry. It comes in different flavours  – cinnamon, almond, walnut, coconut, etc.

But of course there was so much more! Just take a look:

3. Taste mulled wine

What is better for a cold evening than a hot mulled wine? Yeah, nothing 😀 So go around and get it. I have spotted a blue mulled wine, but didn’t manage to try it, now I wonder what did it taste of 🙁 I did try strawberry wine thought! I was really, really sweet.

Hungary is well known for its wine, and we were told to try Tokaj. So you see what’s happening here? Cold evening, country known from the wine.. Perfect combination!

4. Take a ride with tram number 2

Tram number 2 will take you for a ride along the river Danube. From it, you will be able to see the cityscape and most of the attractions in the city. Additionally, from the beginning of December it is illuminated by lights, so it looks really cool! 🙂

5. Try Iceskating

When you are tired with all the shopping, why not try something different like ice skating? There is really big ice skating ring in the City Park (Varosligeti Mujegpalya) and it looked like a lot of fun!

For more information about prices and renting the shoes, check out this website.

Below I have put a map with the location of the markets:) Hope you will enjoy them!!


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