Christmas markets in Cologne

Cologne Christmas Market

Time for another Christmas market!!  This year was so awesome with all the Christmas market traveling !

This time I have picked Cologne (Köln) in Germany. The reasoning as to why Cologne, was really easy: flights were super cheap (20 Euro both ways!), I’ve never been there, always wanted to see Cologne Cathedral and it’s Germany and they go crazy with Christmas markets 🙂

To be honest I didn’t really have time to prepare for the trip, so I went with “will figure it out later” mindset. I must admit, Cologne Christmas markets were THE BEST Christmas markets I have been too, and if you have read other post you could have noticed that I visited a view 😛

Why was it so awesome?

Easy, the atmosphere! Almost all the vendors were wearing special cloths that were themed and you could just feel the atmosphere of Christmas everywhere! You could smell the mulled wine in the air and eat some good food. I was really amazed as to how many markets there were! Almost all squares that were big enough were hosting some. Cologne was also the first city I’ve been to where the gay community had its own colorful market.

In one of the squares there was also an ice-ring and you could play something curling-like on ice. There was also a train car going around all the markets. So you would hop in and get delivered to a market of your choice!

The only minus I could think of were the crowds. There were tons of people, especially on Sunday when all other shops were closed. Also, because I have visited in the last weekend before Christmas many people were looking for last second gifts, so I ended up squeezing quite a bit.

But if I were to pick any of the markets to go and visit again I would definitely pick this one.

But as usual, words will never convince anyone but photos on another hand… 🙂 Anyway take a look and judge for yourself.

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