Christmas in the Zoo

Christmas in Zoo

Christmas came to Copenhagen and basks all the places in Christmas lights and holiday atmosphere. Copenhagen Zoo is one of those places illuminated by lights and surrounded by almonds and churros aroma, where you can go and have fun for a day appreciating animals.

The Zoo prepared some workshops for kids, meeting with Santa Claus, carols, and much more. We didn’t check out all activities as we got tickets for sponsor evening, where most things were closed. However, the decorations, lights, and mulled wine were still amazing. I don’t have many pictures of animals as we visited the Zoo when it was totally dark. As you might have guessed, most of the animals were already fast asleep, hidden in their burrows or in the darkness of the night.

Zoo in its Christmas format lasts from November 20 to January 2, so check it out if you are in the area.

More details and timetables of the events are on the official website.

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