Copenahgen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest Zoos in Europe, established in 1859. It spreads over 11 hectares, and it is Denmarks 4th most visited attraction.

In recent years, it has been going through many renovations to replace cages with enclosures that recreate animals’ natural environments and make their life more comfortable. You can see here many rare species that are rarely kept in European zoos like Tasmanian devils, Giant Panda, Amur leopard, okapi, muskox, and more.

I’ve noticed many voices saying zoos are just evil and cruel places, but I don’t think it is entirely accurate. I know many places keep animals in horrible conditions in small cages, which should never be allowed.
But on the other hand, many zoos make sure animals are comfortable. Zoo’s primary goal is to educate the public about wildlife and what we can do to protect it. In addition, proper and responsible zoos work hard to save animals threatened in the wild and partake in breeding programs that try to protect endangered species and reenter them into the wild. Many zoos work with governments and communities to preserve species and house animals during rehabilitation and recovery.
We should make sure to support those who fight hard for animal welfare and not support those that exploit animals.

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