Runde Rie from Roskilde

Runde Rie

One day I have checked the weather forecast, and I found out it will be raining everywhere except a tiny spot around Roskilde. So I looked into different exciting activities in the neighborhood, and Runde Rie popped up 🙂

Runde Rie is another troll that is part of Huge Troll Festival (den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest). It is hidden somewhere around Lynghøjsøerne in Roskilde.

In the beginning, I have not read the tip “Bring dry socks” at the start of the hunt. Well, the good thing it was warm! I had to get into the lake to read some clues! 😀

The surrounding area is perfect for a stroll, with many places for grilling and setting up a picnic. The lake is super blue and even has a tiny beach! I have even spotted two shelters for spending a night!

After 2 km of walking, I found my hidden troll and imagine my disappointment when I found out I did not bring my bathing suit!

I think this is the coolest troll I have seen so far! You can use fishing rode rope to jump into the lake! Kids loved it! I loved it!

If you come with a car like me, you can find several parking lots all around the lake 🙂

Runde Rie


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