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Eremitageslottet, or the Hermitage Hunting Lodge, was Christian VI’s hunting lodge built in 1734-36 in the middle of Dyrehaven (Deer Park) to host royal banquets after hunting.

It is actually the second building of this kind in the surrounding area. The first hunting lodge on the site, the Hubertus chalet (Hubertushuset), was built for Christian V and was completed around 1694. However, the structure was weak, so they tore it down and built Eremitageslottet.

The name – Eremitageslottet comes from the elevator table used in the dining hall. It made the dinners a unique experience as the king and his guests could dine without servants. That way, the kings and guests could enjoy dinner in solitude and speak confidentially without prying eyes and ears.

When they wished for food to be served, they rang a bell, and the full table was hoisted up through a hatch in the middle of the room’s floor. The elevator table hasn’t been restored, as it was considered too expensive. However, a similar table can still be found in St. Petersburg.

You can visit the lodge during the summer holidays (1st June – 31 August) and the autumn holidays (Efterårsferie) in week 41-42. The tour is in Danish, but it is still interesting to go in even if you don’t understand it, as you otherwise can’t enter the building.

Go to this website to buy tickets.


Eremitageslottet is standing in the middle of Dyrehaven. The hunting grounds were added to UNESCO‘s list of world heritage sites in 2015. The roads leading to Eremitageslottet are linked in star-shaped trail systems, with Eremitageslottet in the center. This was to accommodate the hunting style of the time, which revolved around dogs pinning the prey down until the hunter could kill the animal personally. The road layout made it easier for the hunters to keep track of the dogs during the chase.

Autumn is an especially great time to visit the park. Between September and November, the rutting season starts. Stags start fighting each other to win the affection of potential mates. The foliage begins its annual transformation into a beautiful display of autumn colored firework. So take a stroll, and enjoy the view of the deers brawling in the distance! 🙂

On the first Sunday in November, Dyrehaven is full of riders in red jackets and white trousers. On this day, Sportsrideklubben (Rider’s Association) ends the season with the annual Hubertus Hunt, which has been a tradition since 1900.

To read more about what is happening in Dyrehaven in the different months, check out this site.


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