Christmas in Tivoli 2020

Christmas in Tivoli 2020

More than a week ago, I booked a trip to Tivoli for Tuesday the 8th. A couple of days later, a press conference announced that Copenhagen’s life is coming to a halt yet again. Fortunately for me, that was scheduled to happen Wednesday the 9th, giving me a chance to see Christmas Tivoli.

As always, I walked around and was amazed at how they managed to surround the park with a hygge Christmas atmosphere. Surrounded by lights, I marveled at the different Christmas tree decorations <3 It is hard to choose which one I liked the most!

How I wish we would be living in normal times where I could drink my hot choco and eat Æbleskiver while waiting for Crazy Christmas Cabaret with my friends! But I guess we have to get used to the new normal and make the best out of it…


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