Kaptajn Nalle from Nordhavnen

Kaptajn Nalle from Nordhavnen

Kaptajn Nalle found in Nordhavnen, Copenhagen is the first troll from the new series of trolls called “The Huge Troll Festival (den Kæmpestore Troldefolkefest)”. Having already visited two others during the summer (Stærke Storm from Silkeborg and Runde Rie from Roskilde), a late autumn stroll through Copenhagen’s northern harbor area to complete the troll hunt seemed like a great idea.

To fully enjoy the experience, don’t go straight to the troll. Yeah, I know he is on Google Maps, but take your time and complete the hunt as intended, going from one clue to another (these are hidden plaques with coordinates – type them in on the website to get to the next clue). 

That way, you will go on an adventure, marvel at the lovely scenery, and visit a place you most probably would otherwise never had seen 🙂

This time the hunt took us out for a 7 km stroll around Nordhavnen. It would probably have been faster with a bike, but we enjoyed our little stroll a lot 🙂 We happened to be there during an astonishing sunset! The area is quite interesting; it is still mostly industrial, but many newer apartment complexes are popping up all around in the area. It’s cool to see the city’s buzz and bustle encroaching on the former barren industrial complex. In a word, I had a blast with my camera!

Fun fact, the artist Thomas Dambo has his workshop on Skudehavnsvej in Nordhavn, so the first troll was made in his neighborhood 🙂


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