Christmas in Bakken 2020

Christmas in Bakken 2020

Bakken (Dyrehavsbakken) is an amusement park located near Klampenborg, about 10 km north of central Copenhagen. It opened in 1583 and is the world’s oldest operating amusement park!

When I think about the Christmas atmosphere in Copenhagen, my mind usually centers around Tivoli and the inner city. So imagine my surprise when I went for a walk and stumbled upon this amazing Christmas Wonderland right next door!

Even though Bakken had to close because of the pandemic, they left the lights and Christmas decorations on and glowing. Going for an evening stroll through the park, the Christmas decorations nicely illuminate the otherwise dark forested area surrounding the rides and stands. It gives visitors a cozy sense of the so-called Danish ‘hygge’. Enjoying the glowing decorations of Bakken during these long winter nights reminds me that even in this world full of turmoil, there is still hope and beauty 🙂

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